Terms and Conditions of Use


Below Terms and Conditions are applicable to both Monthly Subscription Customers as well as Trial Customers.

  • Packaging: Single trial lunch/dinner will be delivered in food containers (Disposable) whereas weekly trial meals will be delivered in Insulated Tiffin Boxes.

  • Customer Responsibility: FeedBag does not take any kind of deposit from customers for the Insulated Tiffin Boxes, however, in the event wherein provided Tiffin Boxes/Insulated Bags are damaged or lost, FeedBag reserves the right to deduct Rs. 600 from the paid subscription fee. FeedBag allocates maximum of 2 Tiffin Boxes for each customer and its customers responsibility to ensure that Tiffins are exchanged during each delivery to continue availing the service.

  • Refund Policy: Under 'No Questions Asked' Cancellation Policy, Customers can choose to opt-out from the monthly subscription plan anytime and get refund on the remaining days of the month. Net Amount to be refunded will be calculated based on "Number of Applicable meals - Number of Meals availed" in a given month. The Refund will be initiated within 3 working days from the time of cancellation.

  • Delivery Timings: Based on customer's location and optimized route used by our Delivery Team, food tiffins will be delivered as per below standard timings;

    • Lunch: Between 11:30am to 1:30pm. 

    • Dinner: Between 6:30pm to 8:30pm​​​

  • Carry Forwarding Food Tiffins: Customers can cancel food tiffins and carry forward to the next month. The cancellation requests should be raised before 10:00 PM of the previous day to be eligible for carry forwarding.

  • Availability: FeedBag provides varying food dishes throughout the month following the Monthly Chef's Calendar. In the event wherein certain food items are not available, FeedBag reserves the right to change the menu without any prior notification

  • FeedBag reserves the right to update/modify its Terms and Conditions with or without any notification.


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